Hello everyone,

Now you won't know Peter personally, but I have grown up with Peter and went through school with him. More relevantly he is a self employed joiner,  like the majority of us on here. Not only this, he is also a Father working hard to support his family - again, like many of us on here. 

This is the awful part:

Peter's 10 year old daughter Belle has been battling osteosarcoma, with months of gruelling chemo & a massive operation removing most of the bone in her leg and replacing it with titanium.  Belle celebrated her end of treatment in May.  Soon after it was revealed that the cancer had returned aggressively in her lungs. The family found out on Tuesday 31st July that the chemo hasn't worked

I feel like I want to do something to really help him and his family out, I myself also have a young family and cannot even begin to imagine what he is going through, whilst also trying to run his business. I can only imagine how it must be a total mental tearing apart of wanting to spend every last second with his daughter, but at the same time knowing he has to go out to work to pay the bills and keep a roof over the family head and food on the table.

In order to enable Peter to spend the limited time he has left with his daughter, guilt free and without having to worry about bills, we would like to reach out to you all

Donate to Belle and Peter

Thank you so much for your donation to Peter Ellis and Belle Ellis. 

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